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Gamers’ giving spirit for charity

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Gamers’ giving spirit for charity

Brandon Cowan, Web editor

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People that play video games give so much. The amount of charity events that are held throughout the world and are so successful is astonishing even to someone that has been playing video games for well over a decade.

At Bakersfield College, there is an event called Extra Life that is held year-round. For this year, BC Renegamers have raised over $1,000 for fundraising Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Extra Life is a national program that is also held at California State University of Bakersfield.

There are careers that are funded solely by gamers who donate money to them. Twitch is a livestreaming website where normal people can stream video games on the internet. These streamers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars just from donations from people watching the livestream.

There are also monthly subscriptions that people can buy into for the livestreamer. People can pay $5 to $25 every month just for some custom-made emotes that users can use in the chat of the livestream.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a charity event that is centered around speedrunning video games. Speedrunning is a competition in which gamers try to get the fastest time in the world to beat a video game.

AGDQ raised over two million dollars in 2017. This event is livestreamed on Twitch and the people watching will donate this much money for fighting cancer.

Something that is so niche can raise so much money and if you are not someone that plays so many video games, chances are, you do not know how big these charity events are.

People who play video games also fund video games to be made. People that want to have a dream come true, in which they try to create a video game that everyone will love, do not always have the funds to do so.

Kickstarter is a website dedicated to raising money for just about anything, but video games are also funded at the website.

The people that put up a page asking for funds can put a goal of how much money they want to be raised. These goals can also be surpassed far above the goal that someone has set.

Ouya is a console and was put on Kickstarter with a goal of $950,000. The goal was surpassed by millions of dollars – to be exact, it raised $8,596,474.

There is also a website called Patreon. This website is something that people pay monthly in order to support creative content makers, such as people that make videos on YouTube. Of course there are pages for creators that only make content centered around video games that get money from Patreon.

I love people that are dedicated to something that they love doing. A community is centered around a form of entertainment that gives so much to people in need. There is nothing in comparison to how much gamers give to people from around the world.

I am happy to be a part of it.

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Gamers’ giving spirit for charity