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Games create friendship

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Games create friendship

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

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Video games bring many different kinds of people together.

There are many different communities that have been created by gamers. There are so many that it is hard to get an understanding of how many there are.

One of the groups of gamers I am familiar with is Steam groups.

Steam is a program on computers that is used to buy games and play with friends. The group system that is on steam has so many people connected by different ways.

The official “Payday 2” steam group has accumulated over 5 million users to be in the group.

The group gives out free in-game items for people to join it and also gives out news concerning the development of the game and new content that is being added.

I was once in a Steam g r o u p when I was 12 and 13 years old. The group was made from a person that was hosting servers for many games.

I remember the games that the group had servers on were on the games “Garry’s Mod,” “Team Fortress 2,” and “Minecraft.”

I remember joining a random server on “Garry’s Mod” and I met this person that I would spend most of my time playing video games with. The server was a part of this steam group and I joined it because I wanted to play more with this person.

I met so many new people through that steam group and it was one of the first times in my life greeting new people and learning from all the different perspectives from around the world.

There was this person from the United Kingdom where we played through “Portal 2” when it first came out.

There are also communities based around streamers on Twitch. Twitch is a streaming service that people live record themselves playing video games.

People that go to a stream can chat and interact with the person streaming and other people that are also watching the stream.

Streamers usually will have a Discord server that people can join.

My friend invited me to join a Discord server of one of these streamers for a video game that we were both playing. I have met many new people through this Discord server, and I now spend every day talking to these people.

There are also communities of gamers that I have not taken part of.

YouTube is a website for streaming videos that anyone can make of nearly anything. People can comment on these videos and the most subscribed channel on YouTube is someone who makes videos of them playing video games.

There are also online forums that are somewhat outdated, but there are still plenty of people that use them today.

Back when I was in that Steam group, there was a forum website dedicated to the group where anyone could join it.

I remember just sitting on those forums talking to people for hours at a time.

Gamers are brought together in many ways over the internet. The amount of communities is incomprehensible for even me to understand because of how big it is.

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Games create friendship