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Just try to Breathe

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Just try to Breathe

Christina Benavides, Reporter

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My courses at Bakersfield College have allowed me to socialize and interact with new people. This can sometimes be a nightmare for a person who is dealing with anxiety.

For a person suffering from an anxiety disorder, the feeling of being worried does not go away.

I deal with anxiety every day, and it definitely is harder than someone’s ordinary day. You spend time worrying about things you have no control over.

People with anxiety-related disorders deal with constant worry, nervousness, and fear. This can interfere with your daily routine. I’ll discuss the daily thoughts I have while dealing with anxiety, and what I do to cope with it.

Now let’s be clear, having anxiety is much more than nervousness or feeling worry because you want to pass an exam. It is important not to self-diagnose yourself and instead to seek a mental health professional. My personal experience and tips can help anyone whether you have an anxiety disorder or not. Everyone can still relate to the feeling of worry or being anxious.

Most days I start off by thinking about what has to get done that day, which sounds normal. I do not only think about what has to be done that day though. I have feelings of worry about the entire week in one sitting. You can imagine how stressful and overwhelming this can be for a person. Do not worry, there are ways to help prevent feelings of panic that I have found to be helpful.

Stay organized and do not procrastinate. It can be hard to stay organized, but if your weekly tasks are all sorted out then you will find yourself worrying less.

I notice that when I do not write down where and when I will be during the week, I feel overwhelmed. For example, let’s say I did not bother to write down something important a professor told me about an assignment. This does not sound too hectic, but it soon can become that way. The day it is due arrives, and I realize I must go back and edit that assignment before it is due. I also have another assignment due at the same time, but wait, I have not eaten dinner yet. Then I remember I need to prepare for a presentation the following morning. Panic can strike, however something like this could be avoided easily by being organized. Do not procrastinate because you can feel rushed and be affected negatively.

Anxiety makes this type of situation much worse. It can even sometimes cause your school performance to decrease if you do not have it handled.

During my day I worry about things being “Perfect.” I know we all can relate to wanting to do our best at everything we do, but sometimes we make mistakes. Mistakes are totally okay and help us grow.

People coping with anxiety know that taking deep controlled breaths are always recommended. I never thought it worked, until I tried it. All you do is take a few deep breaths under the time you desire. By doing this, you are focusing on the action and not your feelings of panic or worry. Saying words of encouragement to yourself when you feel anxious can also be a great way at keeping your anxiety levels down.

I will leave you with this final bit of advice. Stay organized, do not procrastinate, keep a positive mindset, and take the time to breathe when you have a lot on your plate. My tips do not eliminate any anxiety-disorders, but I share them in hopes of bringing someone reassurance.

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Just try to Breathe