Op-Ed: Living with siblings with disabilities

Jacqueline Aquian, Reporter

Having siblings isn’t easy for anyone. Having siblings with disabilities is different than most but it isn’t a bad thing. I am in a family of five with two my parents and two brothers. One of my brothers is the oldest, I am the middle child and then there is my little brother. With the three of us, we are each five years apart.

My older brother is in college studying photography and my little brother just started college. Both of my brothers have a form of disability, my older brother has Dyslexia and my little brother has Autism.

With my older brother, it is hard for him to read things accurately sometimes. He will need help because he isn’t a fast learner and does get confused a few times when he is reading.

He was in the band from middle school to high school and through those he connected well with music it is something my siblings and I have in common.

My little brother has autism since he was a child. At first, they called it mental retardation but later when he turned 6 years-old they diagnosed him with autism.

With my little brother’s autism, it is hard for him to open to people and to be happy. He always felt he wasn’t smart enough to do anything because of his autism.

Both my brothers are different in many ways, m older brother rarely shows emotions toward almost everything. While my little brother shows all his emotions and he tends to overthink mostly everything in his life.

My brothers and I are very close but sometimes we fight like normal siblings do. With my older brother, we connect because I can be open with him and I know he is smart and ambitious.

My little brother and I have a harder time connecting because of how alike we are. My mother says that we have anger issues and connect over the oddest things.

My little brother has been dealing with a lot since he was younger just like me. But I always try my best to cheer him up because to me my little brother is my role model.

Even though my brothers have two different disabilities from each other and aren’t like “normal” people, to me doesn’t make it right to limit their options. I tell my brothers every day they can do better than me and I believe it.