Op-ed: XFL Who’s hot and who’s not

Randall Brewer, Reporter

The XFL (Extreme Football League) is back in full swing straight after Superbowl all thanks to CEO of WWE Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck (former owner of National Football League Europe).  This time with better funding and a supposedly more streamlined approach they strive to become what the AAF (American Alliance of Football) failed to do, bring spring football back from the dead once more.

Eight teams will enter with high hopes, not just coaching staffs but the fans as well. One team to lookout as a favorite is the LA Wildcats.

If anyone ever watched the San Diego Fleet one bright side of the poorly run Mike Martz squad tight end Nelson spruce became a fan favorite. Spruce with 38 catches for 426 yards Two touchdowns was the main target of the beat-up offense and will be someone to watch out for as well as josh Johnson. never saw him play so it will be interesting to watch as the league promises exciting games and less downtime like a 10-minute halftime.

DC Defenders seem like a weird one to choose from. Rashad Ross is elite, but the defense is weak they seem like they want Tyree Jackson to carry them to victory. Prediction maybe since there are10 games per team Dc just misses out by a game.

While the Dallas Renegades do have an awesome uniform people seriously think Landry Jones is elite. Running Back Lance Dunbar is the key to their success if he’s on his game then watch out for him throughout the season.

NY Guardians in the east are the runner ups in my opinion Justin Stockton in the backfield is one to watch. He put up godly numbers with the Arizona Hotshots and is destined to repeat that success this season. McGloin is tough to call though. He had good spurts of brilliance in Oakland but had nothing to throw to.

Houston is not playoff bound. Connor Cook is washed up and has a chip on his shoulder from his failure with the Raiders, while Sammie Coates, wide receiver is their only threat so don’t expect anything good from them.

St Louis what can I say Marquette King is the best punter ever, Pierson El played well in the preseason and seems a sneaking candidate for the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Vipers, and Seattle Dragons not very exciting Kenneth Farrow is a solid running back, but Aaron Murray is young and needs time to develop like Bj Daniels of Seattle.

so, who’s my pick for the championship in April in the west LA Wildcats in the East NY Guardians. Overall this season will be fun to watch and enjoy for years to come.