COVID changes the dating game forever


Thalia Pimentel

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

We can all agree that dating is already difficult as it is. Whether it is us being very picky, stepping out of comfort zones, trust issues, you name it. Now imagine stepping into the dating scene in the middle of a global pandemic where you can’t leave your house without a mask, you must social distance 6 feet, and you can’t even see a movie or sit inside a restaurant. How the heck do I expect myself to approach someone when I can’t see their face and I have to stay 6 feet apart! Life is stressful okay, and being ordered on a strict quarantine where we all have to stay at home with our thoughts and feelings is tense because we overthink our self-evaluation. Well, here is how social media has become our new wingman.
Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter are all forms of social media and dating applications that have boomed in 2020. Why? Well, we are stressed, bored, and whether we like to admit it or not we’re lonely as well. Six months ago we were allowed to sit in a restaurant or bar and socialize, shoot our shot, get rejected, or left with 10 new digits on our phone. Now we have curbside pickup and we have to strictly stand on a sticker that screams 6 feet apart in all caps.
As a woman myself, I don’t make the first move. Should I? Yeah, probably but I’ll admit I don’t like putting in the effort because I swear if I get rejected I’ll want to hide under a rock for two days. The most I will do is make eye contact and smile but now they can only see half my face so what is there left to do, post a selfie and smile on the gram! Like I said earlier I don’t like making the first move but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw the ball in your court. What I do is request a follow and like some pictures, sometimes I even throw some nice comments on your profile when they are appropriate.
Messaging someone directly on social media or through your dating app is so difficult because you never want to say the wrong thing! Another struggle is the person on the other side of the screen can’t hear your tone, maybe they don’t even know you, and the last thing you want is to look like a weirdo. A good tip can be to compliment their profile or something cool they posted about what they are interested in. For example, their favorite music, food, and their hobbies. Asking questions is top tier too! Especially because you know asking questions can lead to a good conversation. Ask where they bought that t-shirt, that picture in front of a waterfall looks awesome, ask where they went and took it, and if they posted a good meal ask where they went and compliment how good it looks. People like to make things so complicated sometimes, all you have to do is be brave and take the first step.
Social media and dating apps are so helpful, and not just because you can see someone’s face without a face mask, but because you get personal insight on a person’s hobbies, interests, and personality. Most people would prefer to approach someone in person or be approached by someone physically one on one but we simply can’t! Be yourself, be brave, and don’t forget to have fun!