Op-Ed: Community college is a great start for all students

Teresa Balmori Perez, Reporter

Many people have their own opinions regarding community college. Some people think that it’s a great way to start their college years, while others think that going to a four-year University is a better and more practical approach. I believe that some people underestimate community colleges and the benefits that they give to students. Here are some reasons why I think a community college is a great option for incoming or current students. 

Community college tends to be more affordable than a four-year university. The tuition and classes at universities are much more expensive. Students who go to a community college are saving more money throughout their college years, while also earning an associate’s degree that they can use to transfer to a university of their choice to further their education. When students transfer and finally graduate they will still get the same degree as someone who attended a four-year university. The only difference is that they were able to save more money during their first two years of college. 

Another reason why a community college is a great option is that students who didn’t do so well in high school with their academics have a chance to improve their transcript while attending community college. Students who are wishing to improve their grades have the advantage to do that by using the different student services that they provide for students to succeed. For example, here at Bakersfield College, they provide free tutoring for all students, there is also an EOPS program where they provide financial and educational support for low-income students, and they have Habits of Mind where they help students achieve their goals during their two years at BC. These are just a few services that BC has to offer. 

The community college has a smaller campus compared to a CSU or UC which can make incoming freshmen less overwhelmed. It also makes the transition from high school to a college environment easier. They can get used to a college environment without having to stress about the idea of easily getting lost in a huge campus in their first week of school. 

Lastly, community college is great for students who don’t know what to study yet because they can explore their options more affordably before making any decisions regarding their major. Many times when a person decides to go to college, they don’t have an idea of what they want to study and they usually take expensive classes that end up being a waste of money and time because those classes are not going to count towards their degree. In community college, it’s less stressful, because even if the classes that a student took ended up not being what they wanted to study, at least they didn’t pay thousands of dollars for it.