Op-Ed: Don’t Stop and Smell the Roses: Start Planting Trees

Aubrianna Martinez, Reporter

Summer always offers up new opportunities, especially for students; some take the extra courses, and others agree to take more shifts at work. But this year summer could present an opportunity to do more than what is in one’s immediate scope. After being restricted to one’s home for so long, it feels like this summer could be different, and it should be.

After navigating more than a year of the pandemic, many are preparing to return to their regular lives. As schools open, and businesses change how they operate, the year is beginning to shift into a new season.

This summer is important to do more for the community and local environment. It is better to help the community to take steps to make change for the better than just stay sitting there and do nothing, expecting positive change to just happen. Some people are just too busy and will not be able to volunteer, but those who find they have the time should devote some of it to this important work.

Some nonprofit organization are helping. Keep Bakersfield Beautiful and Bring Back the Kern do wonderful work that should inspire everyone to help the community. Some people might be hesitant to reach, afraid that this could affect their schedule, or that the summer will be gruelingly hot, but it is worth it to look for something big, and to volunteer to help the community.

Some people might feel like the have been ignoring the urge for volunteer for too long. Some people rely on their busy schedules to feel less guilty, however, since some people are fully vaccinated by now, and opportunities to help to which they may have previously only given a cursory glance.

The pandemic changed a great number of things for a significant number of people. However, if someone would like to go and embrace the person they are now, it is never too late to help the local community and its environment.