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ClichÇs plague ‘Windtalkers’

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A bad imitation of some great movies appeared in theaters earlier this month.

“Windtalkers” took all the elements of earlier action flicks and meshed them together into a film that failed on all fronts.

Telling the story about the use of the Navajo language as a code in World War II was a great idea for a film, but it was executed poorly.

A pathetic love story, predictable events and overexaggeration plague a movie that pleases viewers only on the mundane level when it mimics the best parts of other films.

The demolitions crew worked overtime, with countless explosions in every scene, along with countless, nameless, screaming Japanese warriors running to their doom.

The repetitive nature of many of the scenes left one wishing everyone would die just for something different.

None of the action even lived up to the most boring parts of “Saving Private Ryan,” and the love story couldn’t be compared to “Pearl Harbor” because it was so nonexistent.

Someone could have come to a person on the street and asked them to write a war movie around the Cherokee code theme, and the result would be similar to this film.

A documentary style was needed, a movie about the need for a code, the development of it and eventual usage in combat.

“Windtalkers” just sums up the code at the end with a forgetful “and the code was never broken.”

The film wasn’t a complete loss since the stereotypical characters were still entertaining, and the battle scenes had their moments, but nevertheless, it was a failure.

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ClichÇs plague ‘Windtalkers’