‘Shrek 2’: Wait to rent it

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When you think of Mike Myers, you think of a hilarious actor. That’s why I was surprised during “Shrek 2,” because all of the comedy depended on the supporting characters like Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas).

Shrek and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) played more serious roles this time, as their main focus was dealing with marital disagreements and struggling for the approval of Fiona’s father (John Cleese).

Still, “Shrek 2” delivered the comedy.

Donkey annoys Shrek just as much as he ever did, by singing and repeatedly asking “Are we there yet?” while traveling. But he’s loyal and supports Shrek. It’s interesting to watch Donkey and Puss In Boots fight for the role of best friend animal sidekick. Eventually at the end they befriend each other.

When Puss In Boots enters the scene, he’s hired to kill Shrek, but after one flimsy attack he sides with Shrek. I kept waiting for him to betray Shrek and try to kill him, but it never happened. As much as I liked this character, he should’ve played more on the side of evil before switching sides.

The Fairy Godmother as the villain was the best part of the plot. Without this element, “Shrek 2” wouldn’t have had any unique spin off the classic fairytale.

They must have had a great deal of success from the music in the first movie because there were more songs sung by the characters incorporated into this film. Luckily, the songs were as good as those in the first.

Overall, “Shrek 2” came through with its clever gags and a creative fairytale story. Not the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, but not a bad movie to rent.

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