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Nicholas Sparling

When I first started to watch the movie “Cloverfield,” I thought to myself, am I in the right theater? It did start off slow.
If you like science fiction movies, stay tuned. It took about 15 minutes for the action to start. The storyline was hard to understand and gave no tools to interpret it.
The whole movie was a recording of the events leading up to Cloverfield, where aliens create their own habitat on Earth.
The rest of the movie was basically about survivors trying to hide from the falling buildings.
I didn’t get to see any of the villains until almost the end.
During the running scenes, I actually got a glimpse of the bat-like aliens that were taking over planet Earth.
I wasn’t able to get the connection between the aliens and the Cloverfield on Earth.
The lasers that they were shooting out of their mouths were what actually changed the components of the Earth to produce a green field.
The whole movie was in the style of a man running with a camcorder.
The scenes were shaky, and some were even upside down. It was hard for me to pay attention to the scene that way.
I didn’t like their technique in order to express the actual possibility that aliens could come and make a new home by destroying all the buildings and eating people.
I wasn’t too fond of the sequence of the scenes. It was most confusing.
The only thing that I did find interesting was the special effects.
Hollywood can make anything appear real.
The scene where the aliens were shooting the lasers out of their mouths was awesome.
I’ll say this; unless you like alien and space movies, you should pass on this one.