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Comic book movie carried by Downey Jr.

Elizabeth Meeks

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Due to the vision of director Jon Favreau and lead actor Robert Downey, Jr., the latest comic book character to come alive on the big screen, “Iron Man,” is the greatest ever.
Right from the beginning, “Iron Man” grabs your attention with suspense and comic relief as the film moves seamlessly from one scene to the next.
Downey, who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man, is brilliant with his delivery and portrayal of a wealthy industrialist and playboy who must build an armored suit in order to escape being captured by terrorists. Realizing that his company’s weapons are falling into the wrong hands, Downey uses his new technology to fight against evil.
The many comic-book characters that have been made into movies are entertaining, yet due to the overuse of computer graphics, the scenes are unbelievable. “Iron Man,” on the other hand, which uses computer graphics, is able to keep the audience completely wrapped in a state of believability.
Gwyneth Paltrow adds to the film’s flavor with her portrayal of Virginia “Pepper” Potts, Stark’s loyal assistant, and Jeff Bridges plays Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger, who is Stark’s long-time business associate who helps bring a twist to the film.
However, even with the all-star cast, Downey’s the one who carries the film into the Hall of Fame of comic-book movies. From his delivery of a wealthy ladies’ man, to tortured captive and finally superhero, he makes “Iron Man” a fun action-packed movie for the whole family.
The language is appropriate for children, and even though there is violence throughout the film, it is not filled with blood and guts. My 7-year-old daughter thought it was fantastic and wants to see it again.
I not only recommend spending the money to see it, but I cannot wait for the sequel.

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Comic book movie carried by Downey Jr.