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‘Scream 4’ nothing to scream about

James Licea

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Going into see “Scream 4”, I expected as little as possible and somehow I was still immensely surprised at how unpleasant it actually was. I literally felt insulted that the creators of the original “Scream”, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, could turn something that was so great, into something so impaired.

I thought first “Scream” was unique because it pointed out certain actions often made by people in horror movies like, a big breasted woman who, “always runs up the stairs, when she should be running out the front door,” or someone who says, “I’ll be right back” and never returns.

Horror-movie cliché’s were acknowledged, made fun of, and then acted out, the character always ending up in the scenario they made fun of. This created an irony to the original movie and made it worth watching.

In “Scream 4,” a similar concept is taken, but with horror-movie remakes. Only this time the irony is less obvious.

While this movie is a sequel and not a remake, there are many things that make it seem like a remake.

Each new cast member in the movie takes on a role of a character from the first “Scream.” The characters all have different names, but their personalities are almost identical to characters from the original. There are even some scenes and lines that are nearly identical to the first movie.

Along with being very familiar, the new actors’ roles in the movie were unimpressive. The character development was horrible; throughout the movie when a character got killed I didn’t even care.

The climax of this movie wasn’t anything surprising, more irritating than anything else. I hoped something different would happen in this movie that would make it slightly enjoyable, but I knew it wouldn’t.

Everything about this movie is the same, not just as the other three movies, but as every other teen-slasher film since the ’90s.

When I sit and really think of how to describe this movie, redundant is the first word that comes to mind. Within time, I’m sure Wes Craven will keep knocking out sequels, like he did with the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movies.

There is one line from “Scream 4” that I feel completely sums up my feelings for this movie and at the same time completely contradicts everything this movie did, “Don’t fuck with the original.”

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‘Scream 4’ nothing to scream about