Strong lyrics drive Wale’s sophomore release

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Esteban Ramirez, Reporter

Wale’s sophomore album, “Ambition” is out and the album delivers with the clever wordplay that were on his mixtapes that got him all the hype.

“Ambition” came out Nov. 1, and if you’re one that enjoys great lyrics, then you will enjoy this album.

Wale has always been a strong lyricist even in his first album, but in this album he took it to another level.

I really liked the fact that this CD gives you an upbeat feel and “ambition” to continue to strive for success.

When you listen to this album, you will enjoy Wale’s catchy flow, lyrical ability and metaphors to entertainment. This album won’t be considered great, but you will be hooked on this CD.

I think as a whole, this album was one of the best hip-hop albums this year, and in a year where there have been a lot of good albums that’s saying a lot.

Wale’s leaving Interscope Records wasn’t the only change he went through, he also changed his mindset on this album. As he says on the first song, “Don’t Hold the Applause,” he is done with making money and is more about making history. He continues that theme throughout the whole album, and you definitely feel the change from his first album “Attention Deficit” to this one by just listening to the lyrics.

The songs “Legendary,” “Focused” and “Ambition” are some of the songs that really emphasized his mindset of just wanting to make history.

In the chorus of “Legendary,” Wale just keeps repeating that he’s done with money, fame and anything that people can take from you.

Another thing I really liked is that unlike other rappers, he didn’t rap about money and cars and I think this makes more of a connection with most of his fans.

A couple of things I think that Wale lacked on this album were that he could’ve used an instant classic. Also I thought that he could’ve used more of a variety on his beats, but I thought Wale’s clever wordplay really helped the beats lack of variety. I thought this whole album was very good even though it lacked those two things.

I think that “Ambition” is a strong sophomore album for Wale and fans will not be disappointed when they listen to it.