Winter brew warms you

Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief

The holidays are well under way and they’ve brought with them some of the best beers in the world: winter seasonal brews.

Samuel Adams is known for having awesome seasonal brews and their Winter Lager carries on that tradition.

Winter Lager isn’t new, having first been brewed in 1989, but is only available from the month of November until the end of January.

Winter Lager has a beautiful reddish amber color that fits in perfectly with the brewing method that uses orange peel, ginger and cinnamon.

When pouring the beer into a glass (as every good beer should be), a nice consistent head forms at the top. The head doesn’t stay around too long and does not dissipate too quickly.

The aroma of the beer is telling of what tastes are to come with the most noticeable being the citrusy smell that permeates from the orange peels.

The beer’s taste evokes quality and refreshment at the same time as providing a kick that is expected from a Samuel Adams brew.

There is a subtle sweetness in the taste that coincides perfectly with the holiday season, but there is enough alcohol in the beer (5.6 percent) to give you that warming feeling that is expected from a winter seasonal almost immediately.

The ginger in the lager is my favorite taste and makes the most impact. It exudes everything I love about winter and the thought of sitting next to a fire.

The feel of the beer is as smooth as I’ve had. It isn’t too light, like a Budweiser or Heineken, but it also isn’t too coarse like a Guinness or even the original Samuel Adams beer, Boston Lager.

Winter Lager is the perfect medium if you want to enjoy a Samuel Adams beer without feeling like you have to push it down and you don’t lose any of the taste.

Other beers that I love to drink in the winter to keep me warm, like India Pale Ales, the flavor is lost in the bitterness of the high-alcohol content.

In Winter Lager, the alcohol is there, but the folks at the Boston Brewing Company didn’t forget any of the flavor.

Instead, they magnified it just enough to make the beer sweet and enjoyable along with the warming affect.

Winter Lager is a beer that everyone should try at least once in his or her life, preferably before it goes away for another 10 months when January ends.

It’s the holidays, so indulge and do so at least once with a Winter Lager.