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Ja Rule’s time in prison didn’t help his music

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor

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Ja Rule is back with the new album “Pain is Love 2” and it’s his first album in almost eight years. The album was released on Feb. 28.

“Pain is Love 2” was a pain to listen to because of the mediocrity and the fact that it could’ve been better.

He’s still the same Ja Rule and still has that famous raspy voice and good hooks, but still lacks the lyricism that can make an album great.

This album is the same as all his other albums. It has a couple of songs that are catchy, but the rest of the album is mediocre and lacks clever wordplay.

“Pray” is the best song on the album. It has the deeper meaning that should have been throughout the album.

I thought he could’ve put out all his struggles and tribulations on this album instead of just in a couple of songs.

In “Pray,” not only do you hear everything he’s been through, but you also get that catchy hook that has been synonymous with Ja Rule.

In this song he really expresses what he’s going through when he says, “Everybody shedding a tear for me. It’s lonely the way I walked in and I’m practically lying in a coffin.”

He could’ve done so much more with this album since he will be serving a 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion, and he just didn’t express himself through this album like I thought he should’ve.

Songs like “Superstar,” “Strange Days” and “Black Vodka” just didn’t give me a sense of what he was going through. These songs were very simple and these songs were a perfect example of why mainstream music is so horrible now. He could’ve done so much more lyrically with these songs.

With all the legal trouble he’s faced and the 28-month prison sentence, I expected an album where he put all his emotions and feelings on the album, but he only expressed that in a few songs.

“Parachute” is the other song that will catch your attention because it’s got a catchy beat and probably the only song with some clever wordplay.

The rest of the album isn’t bad, but they’re not songs that you will keep repeating over and over.

This album has the two songs “Parachute” and “Pray” that you will get hooked on, but “Pain is Love 2” is definitely not worth getting.

2.5 stars

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One Response to “Ja Rule’s time in prison didn’t help his music”

  1. Tommie blake on March 30th, 2012 9:50 am

    Your an idiot. There is at Least 5 brilliants dongs that show what Ja has gone through and his background music is catchy. This hasn’t got in the chart, but if it did I bet you would say different like some people do who go with the flow and mainstream. So you actually think music out today is better than Ja rules album e.g LMFAO, Katy perry? They don’t create REAL music and other similar artists don’t. But Ja Rule partly writes his songs and creates his own beats so I would have thought you would have at least respected that… Also these techno pop artist have it easy. They don’t create there own beats and lyrics. So if Ja rules lyrics and beats are not good enough for you REMEMBER THIS they are still better than artists that’s had top writers and producers doing all the work. So how can you like artists who say “everyday I’m shuffling” which is copying “everyday I’m hustlin” by rick Ross and still say Ja Rules lyrics are not good enough!!


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Ja Rule’s time in prison didn’t help his music