Planetarium shows off beautiful side of universe

Crystal Sanchez, Reporter

The planetarium’s showing of “Two Small Pieces of Glass” was really mind-boggling and wonderful to see.

When I first walked into the planetarium, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful purple-and-blue colored ceiling. It made me feel like I was in a spacecraft about to take off. The astronomy professor, Nick Strobel, had recommended I sit from the third row back, and I quickly learned why.

The room went pitch black as the giant Chronos projector began swirling a million lights up onto the ceiling, and I had to tilt back in my chair to properly see the projections.

The projector looked like something out of a “Star Wars” film like it could be R2-D2’s long-lost cousin.

Constellations like the Great Bear and Little Bear really didn’t look like bears at all.

As the professor used his laser pointer to outline the shapes, all I could think about was, “how the heck does that look like a bear?”  Looking at all of the stars brought back joyful memories of camping as a child and wondering which star would take me to Neverland. Unfortunately, there was not sufficient pixie dust to take me to the “second star to the right, and straight on till morning.”

The second half of the show was a movie about the history of the telescope. The craftiness of the early astronomers and how they were continually changing the designs of telescopes was impressive.

As I was watching the movie, I realized that our universe is so much more than Earth alone.  The different galaxies and its stars were each very unique and made me want to become an astronaut, but since NASA scaling back their space exploration. I need to find a different way to get into outer space.