Burritos given a political flavor

Angel Villagomez

Angel Villagomez, Photographer

Well, it’s campaign season and President Obama and Mitt Romney are campaigning all over the country to win your vote.

Because it is voting season, some people might notice that an establishment in Bakersfield is selling burritos named after President Obama and Mitt Romney. Hmm, was one better than the other? So I tried both at El Taco Fresco on the corner of Chester Avenue and California Avenue.

Both burritos are filled with golden yellow rice, tomatoes, cilantro, beans, onions, and tender chicken, but each burrito is a little different.

The Obama burrito has smooth sour cream and cheddar cheese inside, while the Romney burrito has fresh avocado and spicy jalapeno. I’m not sure what type of political statement might be made through the ingredients, but I will say both burritos tasted great. In case you’re wondering about the economic impact, each burrito costs the same at $5.

Both burritos taste delicious and are excellent, but in my opinion my favorite burrito would have to be the Obama burrito just because I prefer sour cream and cheddar cheese to avocados and jalapeno.

So, if you’re ever near the downtown area, try these burritos yourself. Either one is well worth it, no matter who you’re planning to vote for.