Characters lacking depth in new Rowling adult novel

Robin Shin

Hannah Breeland, Reporter

It’s hard to believe “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling has come out with a book for adults. After reading the book, I can’t stress the “adult” part enough, no joke. “The Causual Vacancy” expresses a world of sex, drugs, addiction, and suicide.  The only similarity to Rowling’s previous books is that it takes place in England.
The book is about a small town coping with the death of a council member.  Then craziness follows, as people throw their hats in for the empty seat. To add to it, there is a 60-year grudge that is about to reach its boiling point. Being on the council has never been more important.
I admit, 60 pages in, I wanted to stop and throw out the book. She introduces 15 characters and they all somehow connect to each other.  It was really confusing and hard to remember who is who. The characters themselves aren’t even likable. They are messed up emotionally or are simply pompous jerks. The only decent character was the one that died.
I am glad I toughed it out, though, because the ending made the whole book worth it. If you’re looking for that feel-good ending, this dark book isn’t for you.

I do have to give Rowing credit though. She broke free of the whole magic and sorcery scene. However, I feel that her younger fans should not read this book. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone younger than a mature teen that isn’t expecting to read about Harry’s kids.