Game remake worth wait

Robin Shin, Photographer

To all the Pokemon fans out there, the release of the animated promo for the release of “Pokemon Black and White 2,” was only an addition of high expectations upon the anticipation they already had.

The moment I saw the promo, I was hyped up about the release of the first numbered sequel to the Pokemon series.

There was a promotional event going on in GameStop, giving away the Pokemon “Keldeo.”

Sadly, I had missed the two-month-long chance and was unable to get one.

As disappointing as that was, I was still able to get a “Genesect” through the mystery gift, which is an event held by Nintendo and will be going on until Nov. 12.

I was very excited and happy to get my Genesect, sadly the excitement was cut short due to the annoyance on getting a legendary level 15 Pokemon so early into the game.

The thing that annoyed me is that you won’t be able to use him in battle to your full likings until you get the first gym badge.

When you start your game, your adventure begins two years after the ending of the prequel, receiving your starter Pokemon from a familiar face, Bianca.

Bianca isn’t the only non-player character that returns from the prequel, but so does Cheren as the first Gym Leader of the Aspertia City.

If those two weren’t enough to be a blast from the past, there is an event in the game called “Pokemon World Tournament” where now you are able to battle trainers from previous games, such as: Brock,  Misty,   Giovanni, Lance and more.

Another event that is new and available in the game is the “PokeStar Studios,” where the player can participate in filming movies involving Pokemon and other actors.

I am personally very excited from the “Pokemon World Tournament,” mostly due to the fact that you are able to face old gym leaders and rivals.

I have yet to give the “PWT” a go, due to the fact that I haven’t made it that far into the game yet, but I am looking forward to going against previous champions.

The one I am most excited to go against is Red and Blue from the very first Pokemon game.

Aside from the gameplay, if you played “PKMN:B&W” then you will remember that it was a huge jump in graphics from the previous release of “Pokemon: HeartGold” and “Pokemon: SoulSilver.”

The release of “PKMN:B&W2” continues their graphic upgrade from their prequel, keeping up the shading and slightly softer edges than it’s previous successor.

As much as I want to say that the addition of a 3Desque features, such as hills, are pointless to the gameplay, I still find the overall features two thumbs up.

It also continues to have the effects of seasons changing throughout the gameplay.

Being that it’s the first numbered sequel to the Pokemon video game series, it is worth the wait.

It is the same gameplay as the prequel, exception of that in mind, the “PKMN:B&W2” does its job by playing its part as a sequel. Both games currently cost $34.99.