The Rock stars in new film

Alana Garrett, Reporter

Snitches don’t just get stitches, they get a lot more than that in Ric Roman Waugh’s film Snitch.

The film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and features other cast members such as Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon and Jon Bernthal, who starred as Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead. The film follows Johnson who plays as John Matthews as he becomes an informant aka a “snitch” to save his son from facing a sentence of 10 years in jail for a crime he was wrongfully accused of.

At times he seems to be trying too hard to act like a tough guy or father. In many of the film’s scenes, his lines and actions in the movie didn’t seem very natural but a little over the top. It almost felt as if he couldn’t shed his “The Rock” persona.

An actor who did an excellent job with his role was Walsh. Walsh does an exceptional job playing an ex-convict who helps out Johnson in the film.

All Walsh’s lines and acting seem natural and very believable. You feel the trials that Walsh faces and understand his actions. Susan Sarandon also provides an excellent role as Joanne Keeghan, a district attorney who will do anything to boost her chances for her upcoming campaign.

The film’s actions sequences flowed very smoothly, with explosions that looked too real and even gun scenes that made me duck lower into my seat.

I found myself having a surprising squeal fly out of my mouth when there was an explosion or gunfire. The plot is written very well and I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen to Johnson and Walsh.

Even though there were a few minor problems, overall Snitch is a pretty good film. The film has a great message and even an emotional ending. Fans of “The Rock”, Walsh, and action should definitely go see the film.