Poor performance from Cruise, ‘Oblivion’ not worth it

Alana Garrett, Reporter

By Alana Garrett


Joseph Kosinski’s “Oblivion” is confusing, strange, and left me oblivious.

Kosinski who directed the film “Tron: Legacy” has tried his directing skills at another sci-fi film “Oblivion”. The film stars A-list actor Tom Cruise who is known for his exceptional acting skills, and action movies, but “Oblivion” is a disappointment added to Cruise’s resume’.

Usually I don’t mind paying $10 to get into a movie, and usually I don’t mind sitting two hours through a movie, but with “Oblivion” I was angry.

The first hour of the film is just Cruise, who plays Jack Harper, narrating the story of how Earth went through a battle with aliens known as the scavengers.

Harper who is now known as the clean up crew has stayed on Earth to protect resources needed for the new planet where all other humans reside.

The first hour is particularly boring since the only person you see is pretty much only Cruise.

For a while I forgot what the movie was about and I didn’t even think of Cruise as Harper but as Tom Cruise.

Cruise tried to display emotions but they didn’t seem real and he spent most of the movie looking confused.

The real acting came when Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko showed up. Freeman starred as Malcom Beech and Kurylenko as Julia. Freeman showed his exceptional acting skills.

Although he had fewer scenes than Cruise in the movie, the acting seemed genuine. Kurylenko even surprised me as she made her on screen chemistry with Cruise look more legitimate.

Some pros to the movie were the scenes had great graphics and the destroyed Earth looked believable, but those are the only pros.

The film ends with a confusing ending and twist that had a lot of unanswered questions. I’m guessing that probably went into oblivion as well.

Not a film I would recommend to many people, just wait until it hits DVD and decided if you want to watch it.

2/5 Stars