TV show is good summer indulgence

Jason Reed, Reporter

People seem to be amazed by different things every summer.  It could be a vacation, going to a place you haven’t been in a long time, or just visiting a place for the first time ever. Last summer, going to Hawaii for the first time was just the way they advertise it on television, the women, the beaches and the price for staying.  But this summer I decided to stay put in Bakersfield and work and watch TV.

I don’t watch many things on television; if I’m watching television you will mainly catch me watching something sports related or my favorite television show “NCIS,” which airs on the USA network.

While watching commercials, waiting for “NCIS” to come back on air, USA airs a commercial for their newest television series called “Graceland.” I’m a big basketball fan. It generally doesn’t matter if my team made it to the NBA Finals or not, I’m still going to watch the finals and cheer for the underdog.

“Graceland” premiered the same day and time as the NBA finals, and I decided to choose “Graceland” instead of watching the Miami Heat in its third consecutive finals appearance.  On the previews of “Graceland” they would play my favorite song, Radioactive by one of my favorite music groups Imagine Dragons.  I’ll have to be honest and say, that is what made me anticipate the show, listening to the song on the previews.  After watching the first episode, I knew that I had a number two favorite show.

The premise is a group of undercover law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, the FBI, and ICE living together in a beach house in Southern California known as Graceland.

The lead actor is Daniel Sunjata, who plays the role of agent Paul Briggs. Briggs is the senior agent in the house with the most experience and was secretly investigated by rookie agent Mike Warren, who was assigned to the house fresh out of Quantico training. Aaron Tveit is the actor that plays agent Warren in the television series.

Brandon Jay Mclaren, Vanessa Ferlito, Manny Montana, and Serinda Swan are the other actors who act as undercover agents on the show.

With so much going on during the summer and now with one episodes left in season one, I make sure my DVR is set to record the show every Thursday in case I have to work or just go out with someone during the time of the show.

There were so many jaw dropping moments and times where I would develop the chills on my arm and running down my back when things I didn’t expect to happen, happened.

Sept 12 is the day of the final episode of season one and with the first 11 episodes being as intense as they were, I can only expect the last one to be even better.  Just like the USA show “Burn Notice,” “Graceland” will definitely be extended and continue for years to come.