Loki takes a surprising lead in the new Thor movie

Jason Reed, Reporter

Though we didn’t see much of Loki in the new “Thor: The Dark World” movie, he was still the main reason I didn’t stay bored out of my mind while watching.

I didn’t grow up a comic fan, so I had no idea who Loki was when I saw the first “Thor” two years ago and looking at the excellent job Tom Hiddleston did as Loki, I knew right then and there I had a favorite villain.

Hiddleston was killed off momentarily and it just wasn’t interesting when he wasn’t on-screen. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Hemsworth makes a great Thor and I thought he and Hiddleston evenly did a great job in “Thor,” but even with limited on-screen action, Hiddleston stole the spotlight in “Thor: The Dark World.”

The action takes a while to kick up in the movie, but I eventually got bubbled eyes when Loki made his appearance.

He was seen talking to Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and was sent off to prison for the crimes he committed in “The Avengers.”

When Loki learns of his adoptive mother, he shows his anger by releasing a powerful force and I have to say that I had goose bumps from being so amazed at his power.

From the entertainment perspective, Loki brought lots of laughter when he created an illusion by transforming into Captain America (Chris Evans).

When watching superhero movies such as “Thor: The Dark World,” you know that somehow and some way the bad guy will lose.

When watching and waiting for Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) to make his appearance, I was thinking, could this guy sell the fact that he might win this fight? He failed to interest me.

But, at the end, it showed from the villain perspective that it was never about the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim.

At the end of the movie, Thor was explaining (to what appeared to be Odin) that he didn’t want to be king of Asgard.  But when Thor left the scene, Loki reappeared, sitting on the throne of Odin with a smile.

Because of Hiddleston and his excellent performance as Loki, I would definitely recommend people check this movie out. Hemsworth was good this time around, but Hiddleston was great.