Show Review- Fluffy returns and this time it’s personal

Amber Hayden, Photographer

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias brought down the house at a packed Rabobank Arena on Feb. 21.
Even with starting the show late, which was the first stop of his new tour, the audience chanted for Iglesias.
Prior to him taking the stage, there were three comics that had acts before him, but even so the crowd chanted, “Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy.”
Iglesias came running out on stage and explained that Bakersfield was the first stop on his new world tour, and that he would not be performing any of his old material, unless the audience showed that they demanded it – given there was time after his act.
Unlike his other specials, which have been aired on Comedy Central, Iglesias went into more detail of his personal life.
He brought up his son Frankie, which most fans know is actually his girlfriend’s son, but he has adapted to calling Frankie his after being in his life for the past eight years. He joked that if Frankie didn’t want the world to know about his life, then he shouldn’t do things that Iglesias could use in the show.
Iglesias told the audience that over the past months he had realized that him and Frankie have been on this parallel line, and that Frankie did a lot of the same things he did as a kid. The most recent example involved Frankie’s dad wanting to come back in to the picture.
He went on to talk about his own father who he hasn’t spoken to in over 30 years, and joked that if his dad had wanted to see him he could buy a ticket to his show. To Iglesias’ surprise, his father did just that, showing up one night with a ticket in hand to see and speak to him.
For those who knew how much his mom meant to him, he brought up her death and how it has affected his life. He joked that if she were there, she would still be showing audience members the “road to success,” as she put it.
He even went into the reasons of why he had to lose the weight that he has, explaining that after discovering he had diabetes, he made the conscious choice to get healthy because his doctor explained to him that he would only live for two years if he didn’t.
Even with all of his personal life out there, I found myself having a deeper respect for his strength and the willpower it would take being on the road 46 weeks out of the year for his tour. Yet I still found myself laughing so hard I was tearing up when he finally started into his routine on stage. I can’t remember laughing that hard at anything in my life.
I look forward to the next time he is in town so I can go see him again, until then all I can say is keep up the good work Fluffy! You are doing an amazing job.
His best friend Martin Moreno came up to entertain the audience with his own comedy act. He had the crowd laughing, including myself, with just his random comments and honesty about himself. His jokes centered around women, alcohol and drugs.
After Moreno was done Lance Patrick, a former Bakersfield High School student and newcomer to Iglesias’ tour, joined the stage. His act was a little more off color, sticking to more gay jokes then anything, which could be seen as somewhat offensive to those who aren’t a fan.
Alfred Robles, the last comic out before Iglesias, was slightly dry in his comedy and not someone I had ever heard of before. Despite the few jokes that I didn’t find that funny, he still had a couple of jokes that made me laugh.

5 out of 5 stars