New ‘Jeezy’ album doesn’t dissappoint

Christopher A. Baptiste, Reporter

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Atlanta’s heavyweight rap artist Young Jeezy is back with a new album. After appearing on the rap chart back in 2001, he has dropped his fifth major album titled “Seen It All” on Sept. 2, 2014.

With a quiet approach, he will make loud noise in the industry with yet another classic.

If you are not familiar with the southern hip-hop artist, his first album, “Lets Get It Thug Motivation 101,” debuted in 2005 and he followed up with “The Inspiration” in 2006.

In 2008, “The Recession” was released and after a long wait in 2011 “Thug Motivation 103” came out, although there were doubts about its release in the three-year time span.

If you caught the usual pattern, it was about due for the rapper to provide something for his fans, and he did so early this third quarter.

Young Jeezy said he struggled balancing out the sound and feel for the project, but I feel he did so successfully.

The album comes with an expensive feature tab and new style. The song “Seen It All” features Jay-Z and is one of my favorites. It has a wide range of hustling lines for the listener to vibe and relate to and pretty much explains what he means on the album’s opening track, “Quarter Block.”

Jeezy also squashed his differences with Florida rapper Rick Ross, and they teamed up with California’s own Game. They made a lavish feel to their song titled “Beautiful.”

At the end of the album, Jeezy has a song titled “How I did it,” giving us a story about how he made it through the streets so far without being put in prison, and escaping death. He also boasted about the millions he has blown and sold from rapping.

His promoted single “Me Ok” gives you the trap feel that Jeezy is known for.

Coming up with catchy hooks and lyrics, Jeezy has provided fans with another anthem to hustle to.


4 stars out of 5.

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