Sweet 16’s for songwriter; the real rap app now catering to artists of other genres

Elias C. Ahumada, Opinons Editor


The makers of Sweet 16’s, the real rap app, are back with a much more fun and easy-to-use update to the popular mobile application. Sweet 16’s version 3.0 has been drawing plenty of positive reviews in recent months. Red Lagoon Studios was forced to make the recent updates because version 2.8 was such a huge success.

Sweet 16’s is a fresh looking songwriter’s app that allows songwriters to easily create, edit and organize song bars for artists on the go.

For songwriters running low on money, they can now skip the studio session and check out Sweet 16’s voice-recording feature. The voice-recording feature enables artists to upload instrumentals from the phone, import a saved song, and record the track all at the same time.

Another important feature that songwriters will find useful is the lockdown mode. Lockdown mode safeguards the artist’s music, so that in the event that the artist loses his phone, he can always come back and retrieve his work.

Auto scroll is another new update that draws plenty of attention. Auto scroll makes it possible for the artist to upload a beat, set the scroll speed and deliver the lyrics. The lyrics will move down automatically allowing the artist to be hands-free in the studio.

Another bulleted feature is the ability to upload and send a saved song through text message or email. This feature can be very important for traveling artists or artists trying to share music from long distances.

Sweet 16’s has been a popular tool among many hip-hop artists, but from the looks of the new features, the program has the ability to reach out to other genres as well.

One of the features I found to be real hip was the all black and gray logo. It makes the appearance look more fun for a user.

The one thing that some users might find to be frustrating is the fact that the mobile app has not yet been made available to Apple users. The program, however, is available for purchase through other Android devices.

Red Lagoon Studios has put together another gem in Sweet 16’s version 3.0.

5 out of 5 stars