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Caged animal debate goes on as circus comes to town

Mason J. Rockfellow, Giovanni Lopez, Photo Editor, Reporter

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There are all types of unique things that come to town with the circus, that if it wasn’t for the circus, you wouldn’t get to see or experience them.

Exotic animals are one of the things I am talking about. You don’t usually get the chance to see a tiger, lion, or an elephant outside of a cage, man-made habitat or out from behind glass. Getting to see those big exotic animals is kind of a big deal. If you have seen them, it was most likely at a zoo, in a book, or on TV. Getting to be in the same general area or arena of some sort with them is awesome. I remember getting to ride an elephant at the circus when I was younger; I probably would’ve never got the chance to do that if it wasn’t for the circus.

I remember the first time I saw three motorcyclists all get into a giant steel-ball cage and start driving around in there all at the same time. I completely thought they were all going to die in that steel-ball, but they didn’t and it was exciting to watch. I should probably thank the circus for that.

Lets not forget the other stuntmen of the circus: acrobats. Acrobats swinging from trapezes, flying and flipping through the air, then catching each other with only a net to save them if they fall. I don’t care if there is a net; I don’t want to have to put my life in a net’s hands, but I will watch people do it all day. Once again, thanks for that one, circus.

The circus also introduced me to clowns: the big-shoed, red-nosed, painted faced, goofballs of the circus. They always do some funny performance and end up smacking each other or squeezing their big squeaky red noses. It makes the children laugh and sometimes even the adults. If it weren’t for the circus, I don’t know if clowns would be around, let alone have places to learn how to become clown.

There is still one more thing I haven’t mentioned about the circus…it’s little, but awesome. The more butter on the popcorn and the more sugar in cotton-candy, the better. The circus seems to live up to these yummy stereotypes. Cotton-candy was probably one of my top favorite things about the circus. It is one of those treats that you can’t just go buy at the store, it usually only comes around county fair time or the circus.

The circus is a really cool thing if you think about it. It’s a place where the whole family can go to enjoy exotic animals, stuntmen, acrobats, clowns, light shows and more. The circus is wonderful, and it’s just an overall entertaining performance. So next time the circus comes to your town, get up and go.

The circus will always be part of my childhood memories, and I believe everyone should get to enjoy the circus just like I did and still do.


One of the biggest attractions at the circus are the animals.

Now while most “employees” choose where to work, the animals in the circus are forced to be there. They are kept in cages while the circus travels. While they may be out and about during the shows or around the area, the majority of their time is spent in cages.

I think people tend to forget that these are living creatures that can feel emotions. No one likes to be locked up in a cage all day.

First, they are taken away from their families, habitats and become lonely and sad being away from surroundings. Then, they are locked up away from getting any other social skills except when they are needed.

Let’s not forget about the abuse these creatures face everyday. They are beaten and whipped regularly. They are forced to perform certain talents and skills for the entertainment.
A lot of the animals are not built for certain tricks that any human can do. Lions are naturally afraid of fire, so forcing them to jump through fire hoops is only going to strike fear into them.

To top it off, animals are unpredictable. They can be violent or aggressive to those around them. Animals that are caged and abused aren’t always the nicest.

Can you imagine going to a circus, and then the elephants decide, “you know what, I’m tired of this,” so they cause chaos? Knocking over scenery pieces, grabbing your child with their trunks and throwing them to the other side of the building.

Then the other animals decide to join the riot. Now the bears can ride mini motorcycles, so they can get to you way faster. It’ll be a sequel to the stampede scene in Jumanji. I doubt you’ll be able to outrun a bear on a bike, so you don’t want to be there when the chaos happens.

Aside from the abuse the animals face, there is the abuse that you can experience by attending the circus. Every circus must have a clown. Let me repeat that, a clown!

Have you ever heard of “It” the clown, John Wayne Gacy, or seen American Horror Story? Clowns have to be one of freakiest things I have ever seen. They have this look on their face like they are out to get you, and why are they always smiling? I still cringe when I hear Krusty the Klown’s laugh. You ever wonder why you hardly ever see clowns at birthday parties? Because they scare the kids, there are no positives. Clowns are so freaky that they can be seen in the daytime and still cause terror.

So not only do you have animals that can attack you, with some human taught skills, you also have Twisty the Clown, who is ready to be in every one of your nightmares for the rest of your life, and you’ll probably see him in your own imagination. Just go see a movie. It’ll be better and cheaper.

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Caged animal debate goes on as circus comes to town