Album Review: Frank Ocean delivers again

Music Review

Jacob Tovar, Reporter

Ever since Channel Orange dropped back in 2012, fans (including myself) have been dying to get ahold of new music by Frank Ocean. After being played with and teased over and over again by Frank by giving out fake dates that the album was going to release; we finally got new music.

Two albums, a visual album called Endless and another album called Blond. Both albums were released exclusively on Apple Music. You can view Endless from Frank’s website: This review is solely going to be on Blond. From the start “Nikes” was the only single released before the album dropped and is the first song off of Blond. The slow, psychedelic, dope, smooth beat produced by Frank is simply beautiful.

Frank uses so many metaphors in his music including the first line of this song. “These bitches want Nikes, they lookin’ for a check, tell em’ it ain’t likely.” Frank uses the famous swoosh of Nike in replacement of a symbol for money, in relation to how a lot of groupies want to get with Frank for his money but obviously it’s not that easy when it comes to Frank.

Frank references and shows respect to A$AP Yams, Trayvon Martin, and Pimp C in the first verse. The song transitions to the singing Frank that we all know three minutes into the song. I got the chills the first time I listened to this song, especially when the song transitioned. Frank mentions: “We’ll let you guys prophesy, we gon’ see the future first.” Which can be translated to that Frank lives a lifestyle keeping everyone on the edge of their seat, predicting and waiting for his next move. Whereas he’s going to see the future first by living it.

“Nikes” is one of my favorite songs from the album. In ”Ivy,” the next track, Frank talks about an unsuccessful past relationship how he and his partner started from nothing and built up a deep relationship. “I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me. The start of nothing, I had no chance to prepare, I couldn’t see you coming.” Frank goes on and explains more of the relationship and the mistakes that came along with it.

The next song, “Pink + White” is produced by Pharrell with background vocals by Beyoncé. Frank speaks on the hook of a person who he looked up to that passed away. “Just the same way you showed me, you showed me love, glory from above, it’s all downhill from here.”

The song ”Solo,” has two interpretations. Frank talks about how he smokes by himself and builds up a self love, but it can also be interpreted as about him smoking to get high because he is so low emotionally.

“Self Control” is the eighth track from the album. Frank talks about how how he talks to someone during the summer and how he really wants to see where the conversation will take them.

“Nights” is the next song, it’s also another one of my favorites. The song is split into two parts. The second part actually cuts the 60 minute album into half transitioning at 30 minutes into the album.

“White Ferrari”, the 14th track on the album is a deep emotional song. In the outro Frank mentions “I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension, you say we’re small and not worth the mention.” Frank plays on the concept of height in relation to him and his partner.

The next song “Godspeed” is a story within the album. In another publication Frank mentioned “I wrote a story in the middle – it’s called ‘Godspeed’. It’s basically a reimagined part of my boyhood.”

The last song on the album “Future Free” is split into two sections broken down by a silent interlude. In the first part of the song, Frank reflects on his past life while referencing Tupac, Selena and Tyler The Creator. Frank also goes on about sex, religion and the rise of fame. The second part of the song is an interview.

Being a huge Frank Ocean fan, I love this album. I think it is one of the best projects of 2016 thus far. On another note, I’ve found I have a better connection to the music when I listen to it at night. I would not say it’s as good as Channel Orange but, it’s damn near close.