Television Review: American Horror Story: Roanoke

Daulton James Jones , Reporter

This past Wednesday night Ryan Murphy blessed the television screens of many. The sixth season of American Horror Story premiered with no one knowing what the theme was. This was so because with all of the previous seasons Ryan and Bead Falchuk let the fans know the themes of the season by releasing teaser trailers. This year he kept it a mystery by releasing dozens of new teasers. All with different themes.

The blogs and social media have been on fire the few weeks before the season came out trying to figure out the theme. Some people thought that it was going to be Helter Skelter. Because many of the trailers had to do with spiders. Which was one of Charles Manson’s interests when entering prison.

Some other theories were like a Jeepers Creepers vibe because one of the trailers being in a field and involving children. Needless to say everyone was wrong because the theme is Roanoke after the American colony that was populated by 154 settlers. What made this colony so interesting was that the whole colony vanished abruptly, and no one knew what actually happened to them.

This season brought back series regulars such as; Sarah Paulson, Angela Basset, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe, and newcomer Cuba Gooding Jr. This season has a kind of paranormal investigation show kind of vibe. It’s set up like one of the true event shows that has the actual people telling their story, but actors playing them. It makes it cool, but also interesting because you have Lily Rabe as the real life victim of this haunt, but Sarah Paulson who’s is older than her playing her in the show.

As the episode went on we were introduced to Matt and Shelby a young couple who move from Los Angeles to North Carolina to live in the woods. They buy a very old creepy home, and in true American Horror Story fashion the house is haunted by the ghost of Kathy Bates a Roanoke settler. Throughout the episode we were given many a jump scare. Until the end when Shelby was lost in the woods and found herself surrounded by Kathy Bates and many other colonial looking people and also some Indians holding torches and chanting.

Overall I’d give this episode about a 4 because it was really good, but some things just need to be explained a little more, and we barely got to meet any of the other cast members. Also most premieres of American Horror Story are good, but by episode four of five we find out if the season will actually be good or will it fizz out.

(Four Stars)