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Resident Evil 7 disappoints

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Brandon Cowan, Reporter

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has many flaws, but it could have been worse. I played this game in one sitting on PC on normal difficulty (which is the highest available until the game is beaten once).

Resident Evil 7 is the most horrifying at the beginning. There is no way to fight enemies for about 20 minutes. The game gives you a weapon at the beginning, but it does not feel as though you can kill everything that is in your way because of a lack of damage and ammo for the weapon.

The game has a clear point of when it stops being scary. There are more weapons that you get and it makes you feel unstoppable. The best part of the game was when you could not fight back and had no idea what was happening. The feeling of not wanting to shoot everything because you have a scarce amount of ammo is short-lived. Most of the time, I did not even have to fight the enemies because I could just run past almost all of them. The boss fights were not great, either. All of the boss fights consist of shooting and running away from them so that they could not do damage. The boss fights felt dragged out, too. There was one particular boss fight that was nothing but shooting and scavenging for ammo for what felt like 25 minutes; it was boring and felt unrewarding.

Resident Evil 7’s story starts off well with not giving too much information at the start and leaving you to wonder what is going to happen. The pacing of the story was good until the end. You are given two choices that come out of nowhere and give an incentive to only choose one over the other. The only time you would choose the other option would be to play through the game again to see what it would be like.

The puzzles of the game were not complicated at all. The only puzzles that actually felt like puzzles were the ones where I had to spin objects a certain way to create a shadow to open entrances. Most of the puzzles were to explore to find an item to open a door. Although, there were a couple of puzzles that showed what the game could have been.

The worst part about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is that it took me less than nine hours to complete it. This amount of playtime is not acceptable for a game that costs $60.

The graphics for Resident Evil 7 were great. The atmosphere and the lighting felt perfect for what the game was. I was never thrown off by the look of the game, and I did not have any complaints when playing it. There are many settings on PC that can be turned on and off and does not affect the gameplay to be anything different.

Even though this game has many flaws, I still had fun playing it, but I would not pay more than $30 for it.

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Resident Evil 7 disappoints