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Hit the gym in style with Fabletics

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Gaiana Latelers, Reporter

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The workout attire game is changing. Brands are coming out with their own lines of workout attire, and the competition is getting hot. With Nike releasing their new culturally diverse line of clothing for women, it may be hard to keep up with big brands. Everyone is competing for business. Big brands are definitely not ones to mess with, but don’t forget the little guys. The best offers on sales are usually on websites of smaller companies and stores. This is where I found the deal on workout pants. This past week I looked into a website called Fabletics after seeing their commercial on television.

If you have ever been to Ipsy, a makeup site, it is very similar to that. You choose what brands you like, giving them a sense of what you are looking for, making your overall experience easier. As soon as you hit the home page, you pick your preferences on things you like, such as sizes, colors, and textures. From there, they tailor the rest of your search according to your personal preference. During the time I ordered my pants from the site, they were running a deal where you could get two pairs for only $24, plus free shipping. Fabletics has anything and everything workout related. Their sizes go from XS to a 3XL. Virtually anyone can shop there, which must be great for business.

I ordered a pair of yoga pants as well as gym workout pants. They arrived two weeks after my order was confirmed. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that there was pretty tissue paper in it, almost like I was opening a gift. They even sent me a code to enter to get a discount on my next purchase, which definitely made me want to buy from them again. I can’t pass up a deal. Upon trying on my yoga pants, I noticed that they were very thick and seemed to be well-made. The stitching was really nicely done, and they looked even better than they did on the website. The waist was a little tight, just like most workout pants. They looked so nice I almost didn’t want to waste such a good look at a place like the gym.

The other pair I got were plain gym workout pants. They seemed to be just as good as my yoga pants. What I really liked about them was that the areas that were sheer were still thick and well made, unlike other sheer pants I have gotten. Overall, both pairs were definitely worth their price. I will definitely be ordering more things from Fabletics.

(5 out of 5)

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Hit the gym in style with Fabletics