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Strapless Bra ready to change the game

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Strapless Bra ready to change the game

Fernanda Martinez, Reporter

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If you have any type of social media account I’m sure you have seen hundreds of videos floating around of this magic, strapless pushup bra. The claimed advantage of this bra is that it features a drawstring with a clamp that you can tighten to give you perky breasts and a fuller looking cleavage.

I first saw a video about a month ago where a model who clearly had breast implants was trying on this bra. I thought it was just another stupid advertisement because she already had perky and fuller breasts, so why on earth would it even matter how the bra looked on her. I later saw a video of a girl who stated she had size A cups and the bra seemed to work on her so I thought this might just be worth trying out.

Now if you think I’m going to describe every detail about my chest, you are wrong, but I will say that I am a C cup and it is not always easy to get good-looking cleavage. I typically always wear t-shirts so I am not used to flaunting my chest, however if I did try to leave the house with some cleavage peeking out, my Mexican mother would probably spray me with Holy Water and tell me to put five more layers of clothing on.

There are tons of accounts on Instagram that sell these bras from 20 to 80 dollars each, but I never like to trust these accounts because sometimes they can turn out to be a scam and I have been burned before. I ended up finding a wide array of sellers on Amazon and found a pretty good deal of two bras for $14.99 from a company called Lnabni.

When I buy something I always check the packaging. I have this thought that if a company or a seller does not put effort into their packaging then I shouldn’t expect much from their product. I do have to consider that the price of these bras were very cheap so I shouldn’t expect them to be the best thing ever. The bras came crammed in a plastic zipper pouch that when I unzipped it, the zipper came off. The bras also had a lot of creases on the front of the pads, probably because of how crammed they were. Aside from that, the bras looked like the seller claimed they would.

This strapless bra is basically two wing-shaped pads that are held together with a shoe lace. When you pull on the shoe lace and tighten the clamp, it brings the pads together. All over the back of the pads is the sticky adhesive that is very similar to the adhesive that a credit card has when it’s attached to a letter when you get it in the mail. It is super sticky and will immediately stick to anything. There is also a piece of plastic that protects the adhesive.

When trying it on its best if you loosen up the shoe lace and then put it over your breasts. When I did this, I noticed it immediately brought my breasts in together. Now once you pull on the shoe lace, it gives you a major cleavage and it perks up your chest. I seriously almost felt like I had gotten a boob job. You also have to make sure that your skin is dry. Don’t apply any lotions or oils before putting it on because it can mess with the adhesive.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing this with a thin tank top or shirt simply because I felt that the silhouette was visible and some of the edges started to come off. I also would not recommend wearing this if you know you are going to be sweating like when you go dancing. Once you wet the adhesive it is hard for it to stick to your skin. This type of bra is best for shirts and blouses that have a low neck cut or dresses that are backless.

I would say that the bra sticks on for a whole good day. I personally would not wear this daily however, I would simply use it when going out or for special events.

I also wore the bra under a lace bralette and I absolutely loved how it looked. Bralettes have no support and honestly only look good if you are either flat chested or have a boob job. I like how it provided support under the bralette and you couldn’t even tell that it was there.

Washing is simple too. The instructions state to use warm water and soap and hand wash it and then let it air dry. However, I did not like that I had to save the piece of plastic that protects the adhesive. After you finish washing and drying, you’re supposed to put the plastic back on to protect it. Personally, I hate having to keep track of little things like that.

Overall, I thought that the bra was better than I originally had thought. I guess I can’t be too harsh and expect it to work magic when I bought the cheapest deal I found. I might start wearing low cut shirts because it does make my chest look perkier. What I really like about it is that it will really work whether you are a cup A or DD. I think it is certainly a game changer for those women who have tried very single hack in the books to try to make their cleavage look nicer.

(5 out of 5)

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Strapless Bra ready to change the game