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Riverdale episode delivers twists

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Christopher Cocay, Reporter

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The story continues … the second season of “Riverdale” was premiered on Oct. 11 on The CW Channel.

The story picks up right where season one ended. Archie (KJ Apa) rushed his dad into the hospital because he was shot by a masked killer, but gladly, he survived. The brand new season has so many stories to tell; like what’s next for Veronica (Camila Mendes) now that her dad is back from prison, a darker side of Jughead (Cole Sprouse) will be explored, Cheryl’s (Madelaine Petsch) dark family secrets, and most of all, who is the masked killer that is stalking and killing people in Riverdale? (SPOILER ALERT!) He was the one that shot Archie’s dad, and he killed Ms. Grundy (Sarah Habel) at the end of the episode.

I find this season darker and more interesting. The first season was just a normal teen drama but in the latest season, the whodunit mystery genre has blended into the storyline. I never expected that there would be more questions than answers in the new season, because I thought that, somewhat, season two would make everything full circle since Jason’s (Trevor Stines) killer was revealed. The entire first season revolved around his murder, but it did not end there.

There is a new mystery that needs to be unraveled. Each character’s personality has changed drastically, especially Veronica and Jughead. Jughead joined The Serpents, a band of bikers that sells drugs and sometimes kills people. Veronica became more rebellious when her strict dad came back from prison. I want to see what’s going to happen with them during season two. I want to know what happened to Veronica’s dad, why was he in jail, what’s next for Jughead now that he’s part of the deadly group The Serpents, and who’s going to protect him from the danger now that his dad got sent into prison.

The revelation of Jason’s killer made Cheryl delusional and insane but also braver, which is such a big movement for her, because in season one, she used to be so scared of her parents. She used to follow whatever her parents said, she was treated like a puppet, and she wasn’t even allowed to mourn her brother’s death. (SPOILER ALERT!) In the season one finale, it was revealed that Cheryl’s dad killed Jason. When the footage of the murder got released, Cheryl’s dad committed suicide right away. Cheryl got really upset because of the revelations and the bad things that happened to her family, led her to burning their mansion, and un season two, she broke free from her family. She’s no longer the scared little girl anymore. She confronted her mom, telling her that from now on, things should go her way or else she would reveal everything she knows about their family.

After watching the first episode of season two, I couldn’t wait for the next one. It made me more excited and curious to see more twist and turns. I highly recommend this show for everyone who likes mysteries.

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Riverdale episode delivers twists