Lots of delicious Greek options available at new location of Athena’s Greek Café and Grill


Lizette Chavez

Megan Fenwick prepares to try the Veggie Pita with a side of lemon potatoes and salad.

Lizette Chavez, Editor-in-Chief

Athena’s Greek Café and Grill has a new location that has opened on 2900 Calloway Drive. The restaurant was decorated with ancient Greek themed art and was somewhat dimly lit except for the light from the windows.

I decided to get the Veggie Pita, which is a wheat or white pita filled with grilled squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers and topped with tzatziki. I chose the wheat pita and the lemon potatoes as my side along with a salad. My friend Lizette decided to get a side of the rice pilaf so we could share and find out how both sides tasted.

I thought my pita was really good, but I did think they put too much tzatziki on top, to the point that it was falling out of the pita and the yogurt taste was overpowering the vegetables. I also ordered a small side of a red pepper dip that tasted kind of like hummus and put some of it inside my pita to give it a little spiciness.

The lemon potatoes were well cooked and flavorful, if a little tarter than I would have liked. The rice pilaf was flavorful as well, but I would probably choose the potatoes over the rice.

The other dish we ordered was the spanakopita, a spinach and feta filled Greek pie. The phyllo dough of the spanakopita was flaky and crispy and the filling was creamy and delicious. I’ve had a small spanakopita before at a farmer’s market and didn’t hold a candle to Athena’s, which was the best dish I had at the restaurant. I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I took some dessert from the restaurant’s bakery home with me because I was way too full to eat it there. It was really hard to choose from their options because so many of them looked tempting. I’m still sad that I didn’t try their carrot cake, baklava, or their oatmeal bars.

I ultimately decided on a rum cake and a Greek spice cookie that I believe was called a melomakarona. The rum cake was a chocolate cake soaked in rum, and covered in chocolate with a small peanut butter filling. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more peanut butter inside. I originally planned to share the cake with my mother, but I ended up eating it all myself. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

I did end up sharing my cookie with her, which was also very tasty, especially if you love spices like cinnamon and cloves.

One drawback for me was how expensive the restaurant was. If your budget looks anything like mine, a $12 dish, like my veggie pita, can be a deal breaker. But otherwise, Athena’s Greek Café and Grill is a nice choice if you’re thinking of eating out somewhere new.