Players can bend time with their farts in ‘The Fractured but Whole’

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Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

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“South Park: The Fractured but Whole” is a direct sequel to the game “South Park: The Stick of Truth.”

Before I get into how The Fractured but Whole is an amazing game, I would like to say that I received this game for free.

I beat the previous game “The Stick of Truth,” and I enjoyed that game a ton, but The Fractured but Whole is even better.

This sequel delivers a fun role-playing, turn-based puzzle game that could almost not be any better.

The combat system is so good. I normally am not a fan of turn-based games, but “The Fractured but Whole” does it so well.

You play as New Kid from the previous game, but this time you now get to control time with your farts.

The combat system is better than the last game because now you have to position yourself instead of just taking turns. Every ability that you use has a different range that can hit your opponents.

You start off choosing one super power and then later on get to choose a second one. You also get an ability where you can skip an enemy’s attack by rewinding time with your farts.

“The Fractured but Whole” not only has great combat, but it also has great humor. One of the collectables in the game is yaoi of Tweek and Craig. Yaoi is drawn Japanese gay pornography.

There is also a minigame where the player has to defecate in every toilet around South Park.

The plot of this game is a continuation from the last game. The South Park kids are now playing superheroes. The kids initially plan to rescue a lost cat that has an award of $100 in order to fund the Coon and Friends franchise.

It ends up turning into something convoluted and hilarious.

There are many side-quests in Fractured but Whole. One of the first side-quests that you receive is from Randy. He says that someone has been keying his car and tells you to find out who it is. You eventually find out that it was him just getting drunk at night and then keying his own car.

You take away his keys and then beat him up so he will not drive while intoxicated. Later on, he chases you down in a drunken rage in order to get his car keys back. You then have to beat him up again and he gets a taxi to go home.

I love this game. Go buy it.