Bocado’s Sushi Bar has good service but bland food


Jenny Brito

The Baked Salmon Roll dish served at Bocado’s Sushi Bar contains salmon, cucumber, crab meat, and cream cheese.

Jenny Brito, Reporter

Located on Coffee Road, Bocado’s Sushi Bar seems like the perfect illustration of the melting pot metaphor. Two cultures, Mexican and Japanese, blending their traditions and flavors as one is what this world needs, and I could not wait to experience it.

I went in for lunch with two friends and was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the restaurant. The place is beautifully decorated with Japanese paintings, yet there are small things that remind you of Hispanic culture. For example, they play a lot of music in Spanish. Listening to Nicky Jam at a Japanese restaurant was a unique experience by itself.

Bocado’s menu does not look much different from other places. However, a couple of dishes certainly stand out. They have a Ceviche Roll, Netflix and Chill, Levanta Muertos, and El Chapo Roll.

I ordered El Chapo, and my friends got the Baked Salmon Roll and Beef Teriyaki dishes. Contrary to what reviewers on Yelp said, the service was not slow, and staff were very friendly, which made me regret not enjoying the food.

You see, all the dishes looked marvelous. I must congratulate the Chefs on the presentation of their food. The plates were colorful and inviting, and the food was abundant. At $14 per meal, they do give you more than enough.

El Chapo Roll was big. In fact, it was so big that it was hard to eat it. I am used to small sushi rolls like those served in most restaurants, but this was not it.

Despite the generous portion, El Chapo was nothing special. It had spicy crab meat, avocado, and cream cheese. What made it different was the red onions, jalapeno, and sriracha. However, it felt slightly bland. It was not spicy, and the cream cheese was a bit too much.

I was not ready to give up, so I tasted my friends’ food as well. By the look on their faces, however, they were not loving it. The Baked Salmon Roll was not bad, but it was not great either. It was similar to what you would have anywhere else, which was disappointing for a place that claims to offer unique flavors.

My last hope was the Beef Teriyaki, which looked amazing. Sadly, it was not my favorite either. It lacked seasoning. I felt that adding just a pinch of salt would have made it much better.

Overall, the place is gorgeous, and the concept is unique. The service was excellent, and the atmosphere was nice. Nonetheless, the food was not as good or special as they advertised. I wanted to love this restaurant, but I doubt I will visit again.

3 Stars