Apple products; smaller is better

Franco Castelo, Reporter

Apple has impressed the world for over a decade now with their technology and has improved communication and made life easier for the individual. With new products coming out such as the iMac Pro, the iPhone XS and the iPad Pro ii, people have been excited to see what they can get out of these new products and they were not disappointed.

Right now, in the market, the two best apple products when it comes to specs are the Mac mini and the newest iPad Pro ii. The Mac Mini is a supercomputer compared to what other Apple products offer. It has the new eighth-generation six-core and quad-core processors, Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI 2.0 available with 10gb Ethernet. The fastest of the fast. It also includes faster DDR4 memory and all-flash storage up to 2TB of SSD. Mac minis are going to be used for companies and businesses that have the money and want a more reliable source of technology. This small device also has the capacity to transfer data up to 40 Gb/s and run two 4k displays.

Apple is known for making things better but also smaller. Comparing the Mac mini to the new iPad Pro is incredible. Just think of the new iPhones that came out in late 2018 but 12 inches long. It has been told the new iPad Pro is killing all laptops today. From HP to Dell to even their own MacBook’s. It destroys the newest 2018 MacBook Pro in some ways such as faster processors and more RAM. It is also a new world for the photographers and editors out there that are looking for a much smaller device with faster capabilities. With the newest A12X Bionic chip, the iPad Pro performs and delivers twice as fast graphics.

These two new devices are the Sony cameras of the computer realm. They are smaller, quicker, and easier to learn when wanting to start new as a creator.