“Gamechangers” addressed veganism and athletes

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

The vegan documentary “The Game Changers,” directed by Louie Psihoyos, is a plant-based documentary that sheds light on the advantages of eating a plant-based diet. There are advantages like being able to perform better in sports, improved health, and more. The documentary explores various experiences and points of view.

James Wilks explores the vegan world by challenging himself and his family to live a healthier life starting with a plant-based diet. This led him to improve his exercise regimen, stamina, and increase his knowledge of nutrition. Not only did he see a change in himself, but he traveled to see if there were other people living on plant-based diets and the effects it had on their lives.

Athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian, the world record holder for strongest man, Dotsie Bausch, an American Cyclist, and Olympic silver medalist, Morgan Mitchell, an Australian sprinter, and Lewis Hamilton, a five-time Formula One World Champion along with many other athletes all explained why a plant-based diet works for them.

Things like improved energy levels, better overall health, and improvements in performance were mentioned, but the diet is not just for athletes, it’s for anyone.

From a young age, older generations were all told things that had been passed down like family recipes, latest fashion trends, or the latest gossip. But no one talked about nutritional facts, that was left to the food pyramids on school lunchroom doors as students waited for lunch. For dinner, no one counted calories or asked if things were healthy.

As adults, the idea of taking care to eat all the food groups feels daunting. From overthinking a task that requires energy to think about what to eat, or if the ingredients to make it are available.

The saying knowledge is power is still true today, but why is it that when it comes to learning about food many choose not to care or ask what is in foods. It’s important to know the nutritional value, the hype is surrounding eating meat or not eating meat, being vegetarian or vegan.

It’s up to individuals to research and determine what food choices work. No matter what group one identifies with, it is a personal choice to decide what to eat.

The documentary was informative, not boring, and is worth a watch.


3.5 out of 5