Overwatch 2 coming soon

Alex Gutierrez, Reporter

Earlier this month at Blizzcon, an annual gaming convention hosted by Blizzard entertainment to discuss new games releases, features, and content, Blizzard announced a new highly anticipated sequel or expansion to the “Overwatch” franchise.

Jeff Kaplan and the “Overwatch” team introduced a new series to its already popular “Overwatch: Origins” series at the convention on Nov 1. The new series is called “Overwatch 2,” the game is built around the storyline of “Overwatch: Origins Edition.” The storyline of “Overwatch 2” revolves around the past events of “Overwatch: Origins” except it features new characters that have been long hinted on in “Overwatch: Origins” and it features new events like the cinematic of original “Overwatch” heroes fighting alongside each other after the disbandment of their organization.

The “Overwatch 2” sequel allows players to battle the Null Sector, an invading robot force in online cooperative PvE (player vs environment) in contrast to the original game which is an online PvP (player vs player) multiplayer. The difference in “Overwatch 2” is that teams would be battling computer-controlled enemies although teammates are still human companions.

This is a favorite feature as it resembles the “Overwatch: Origins” archives events and updated game modes. Another popular feature would have to be that the new sequel allows players to individually level up each hero for new abilities and ultimate’s, especially since players can choose which powers to equip and gain.

Some gamers see this as a good edition, as it adds options and diversity in hero abilities since everyone could be slightly different in how they develop their hero.

“Overwatch: Origins” players are not going to be left behind with the new developments. There is still a lot of speculation whether “Overwatch 2” is going to be an expansion or whole new paid sequel to its original.

Whatever the decision is, players on both platforms would still be able to compete alongside each other in the same version of PvP gameplay as “Overwatch: Origins.” “Origins” players would have the access to Ow 2 latest heroes and maps. This creates a good balance with both games since they won’t totally be separate entities from each other. If that were the case, “Origins” players would feel left out with every new development as they might not be a part of the main franchise anymore.

With this new sequel underway and story-line in development, it is expected that “Overwatch 2” would be a huge success like the other released content by Blizzard. The convention really enjoyed the release, even before the official announcement since “Overwatch 2” was apparently leaked weeks before the event. Kaplan poked fun at the leaks saying, “Thank you so much for helping me with that, that was so sweet,” at Blizzcon for the official announcement.

We can always expect the best from the “Overwatch” series so this new developing sequel is way different from anything Blizzard has done with “Overwatch,” is definitely going to be highly favored in the gaming community and with “Overwatch” OGs.