“On my Block” season three was alright

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

Netflix’s original series “On My Block,” came out in 2018. Season one was such a hit that people were anticipating the second season. When season two came to an end, people were left hanging, wanting more of the show. The long awaited third season of “On My Block,” was released on Friday March 11. 

After a terrible ending to season two of “On My Block,” there was an expectation that Netflix would make up for it in season three to answer many questions. Did Netflix answer those questions? Yes. Did Netflix meet those expectations? No. 

This was an average season for an amazing show. Everything from the story to the acting went downhill from season one to season three. 

Ada Luz Pla-Williams who plays Stacy “Cuchillos” Jaramillo, is supposed to be a psychopathic, sadistic, and ruthless character that gets whatever she wants no matter if people get hurt or killed in the process. She did not portray that however. 

Cuchillos is the leader of a gang known as the “Santos,” and she did not seem like a gang leader at all. She tried too hard to act all hard and tough, and she did not portray a dominant role at all. 

She is one of many examples of the cast underperforming as tough gang members. Their acting all hard and tough was funnier than the actual jokes that were input into the show. 

The biggest disappointment of the show was the character Jasmine Flores. The actress, Jessica Marie Garcia, did an amazing job in playing the role, but the personality of the character changed drastically from the previous seasons. 

Jasmine was the funny bone of the show. She would be the one that would crack people up the most in the first two seasons with a constant inhaler joke that would pop up every so often. 

In the third season, her character was not as funny. It was like the funny bone was banged into the corner of the desk. It was painful. It was like the writer/s wanted to dilute the comedy of the show and make it more serious. They were making these female roles, like Cuchillos and Jasmine, strong dominant and independent leaders, but they took the funny from it. It is possible to have strong female roles while still incorporating comedy. 

Of course they did not take out the comedy entirely. There were some moments where one might pause the show to laugh for a while, but it was not as funny as it should have been. 

The story fell short from its previous seasons. Season three was not as captivating as those prior, but its ending was satisfying. 

Each character had their own ending that no one saw coming, but it felt right. The only ending that should have been different was Cesar’s. 

Throughout the entire series, he is set to be the kid who gets his family off of the streets and lives a safe and successful life, instead it was Spooky, his brother who fulfilled that. 

It is fair to say that even though season three was not good, it had an above average ending that made up for the fact. 

All in all, season three of “On My Block,” is a solid three out of five stars.