Comedian performs online for BC students

Humberto Chairez, Reporter

Stand-up comedian Brent Pella performed a stand-up routine from Los Angeles for BC students on April 14 through a Zoom conference call.
Pella incorporated a lot of his YouTube videos into the hour-long event. Most of his videos featured Trevor Wallace, a well-known online comedian, and those videos garnered the most reactions from the sidebar chatroom.
Pella also did a lot of impressions. For the most part, they fell flat, but he had got big laughs for his impressions of “drunk girls” and their love for ranch.
It was a cool experiment, and Pella admitted that it was his first time doing his comedy routine online. He said he usually makes impressions in person based on the audience.
Pella cracked a few jokes about Bakersfield and the audience he could not see, by calling them out and asking members to speak out loud.
For an unusual setting and unusual circumstances, Pella made a boring Monday night into a cool, funny and virtual experience.