Netflix’s “Extraction” was captivating from start to finish

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

Netflix’s original action film “Extraction” was exciting, captivating and was very well choreographed throughout the entire film. On April 24 many got to see Chris Hemsworth take on a new role from his usual, Thor. 

Hemsworth takes on the role of an ex-military, now mercenary, Tyler Rake, who was hired to rescue the son, Ovi Manhajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), of an imprisoned crime lord that was kidnapped from a rival drug lord. 

The first 30 minutes of the film introduced all the important characters while building the story up. The last hour and a half of the movie was action packed. There was such an intensity that would keep people on the edge of their seats. 

The film was very Call of Duty-esk. The whole story could be a mission from a Call of Duty game. Going in and extracting a person of importance, escaping from enemy vehicles in the narrow city streets, going into sewers for cover all in an attempt to reach the extraction point while under fire. 

The choreograph of the movie was directed and executed with perfection. Each actor played their part and delivered an amazing performance. It really tested their endurance, stamina and strength. What made each fight scene more realistic was that the actors were actually out of breath. Going take after take with a short time span in between would really take a lot out of them, but they continued and perfected their scenes. Applause goes to the choreographers and actors for bringing the story to life. 

Everything from the high speed chases to the hand to hand combat was so detailed and realistic.

There were roughly one or two flaws that many people may not have noticed, because even though there were some mistakes, the scenes were still alluring. Or they could have been done purposefully to bring a different intensity and interest to the film.

In one scene, there was a chase fight between Rake and the police in apartment buildings. Usually when there is action happening in a scene there is background music playing that does not distract the audience from what is happening on screen, but it builds up more intensity in the scene to make it more dramatic, motivating, and suspenseful. 

In this particular scene, however, there was no music, which kind of downplayed the build-up of the suspense and action. This may have been done on purpose by the director, because that is an important part of film that no one ever forgets, but still, there should have been music. 

The second flaw may be a little anal: the consistency of reloading weapons. Throughout the movie Hemsworth is seen running out of bullets in a magazine and reloading, but it was not consistent. It seemed as though some guns had infinite ammo while others had none at all. 

Still, these two things did not take away from the amazing film. Everything from the acting to the effects, except for one grenade explosion, was realistic and believable. 

What brought more interest into the film was Rake’s ready to die motivation. Of course, in his line of work one must be ready to die. But this readiness was different it was regret, not having the will to live, type of ready to die. This motivation could have brought the whole story to an end at any moment, which was another nail biting suspense.

There could be a second part to explain all the loose ends, or that is the end and it is up for the viewer’s interpretation. Either way it was a great end to a great movie. It is definitely a five out of five stars.