The Boys Are Back in Town: “The Boys” Season 2 Review

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

The hit comic book show “The Boys” returned to Amazon Prime on Sept. 4 for a second season full of laughs and horror. After a very successful first season “The Boys” has returned for a much anticipated second season.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the show featured a group of everyday people as they do everything in their power to take down the world’s greatest superhero team.

However, these are not your typical superheroes.

Although they save people and stop crimes, these heroes are treated more as A-list celebrities who have their own movies and merchandise.

The heroes in the show also have a dark side to them as well.

Multiple heroes in the show murder innocent people, drink and do drugs, sexually assault people, and perform many other non-heroic actions. It is safe to say that “The Boys” is not your average comic book show.

The writing in the show is better than ever this season. The best thing about the writing is that it tackles multiple issues that are not normally addressed in comic book shows and movies.

So far this season, the show has tackled such topics as depression, PTSD, racism, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and being part of a cult.

The dark themes in the show bring a lot to the development of the characters and makes you really connect with them. It also surprises the viewer because you never know how far the show will go.

Another highlight of the writing this season is its comedy. The comedy this season has been hysterical and honestly it is some of the best satire comedy out there at the moment.

The series constantly makes fun of how movie studios market superhero properties, and they love to parody such things as Marvel and DC characters, celebrities, and even the Church of Scientology.

Two of the geniuses behind the show were producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are mainly known for writing “Superbad” and “This Is the End.” Rogen and Goldberg bring the perfect combination of comedy and darkness to make this show outstanding.

The casting in “The Boys” is just as great as the writing in the show.

Two standouts from the cast have got to be Karl Urban and Antony Starr.

Urban plays Billy Butcher who is the leader of the team known as “The Boys” and he wants nothing more than to have all superheroes killed.

Urban’s performance is very funny, but he also has a lot of heart this season as we see the struggles he deals with.

Starr plays the villainous Superhero Homelander, who is the leader of the superheroes and the most psychotic and twisted character in the show.

Starr goes all out in his performance as Homelander and makes you feel on edge whenever he is on screen. This is one of the best performances of a villain in any show out right now.

Overall, the second season of “The Boys” felt like it picked up right where the first season ended and is one of the best shows out now.