Review: Are Crocs worth the hype?

Giselle Manzo, Reporter

Until recently, many artists and brands have been cooperating with Crocs, making the world all the rage.
Crocs could be considered the most comfortable and affordable shoe in the market. A clog that comes in many colors and which has little accessories to adorn it as well.
Crocs had worked with Post Malone, Carrots, Luke Combs, Takashi Murakami. This year they had worked with Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber.
The news of Bad Bunny’s collaboration flooded the timelines of many social medias, as all his fans began to get hyped up, including me. Fans were tweeting “Need the Bad Bunny Crocs,” some even going so far as tweeting “If he buys me the bad bunny crocs, I’ll simply gift him a PS5.” All while the crocs went viral.
When asked, by Insider, why Bunny decided to release his own Crocs, the iconic “Yo Perreo Sola” singer stated, “I believe in being true and not placing limitations on myself, which is also something Crocs represents, and this is the message I always want to make sure I send out to my fans.”
Bad Bunny’s crocs, which came out on Sept. 29, were different from regular crocs, it had a glow in the dark accessories among with his signature looks. But that is not the only thing that really made them special.
They only sold a limited supply, so the chance of getting a pair was they were a once in a lifetime.
Being a croc fanatic, as well as a Bad Bunny fan, I tried getting into the same virtual line with millions.
And just like many others, I had the virtual line open on multiple devices. Even going to the extent of having family members using their devices.
They ended up selling out in minutes, breaking multiple records for the company Crocs.
A few weeks following the Bad Bunny release, Justin Bieber releases his own collaboration.
Although this collaboration was not as publicized as Benito’s, the child in me knew I had to get my hands on these.
The Bieber Croc’s featured his brand ‘Drew’ accessories, with a bright yellow color.
They ended up selling out in just 90 minutes, but luckily, I got a pair.
Personally, the Bieber’s Crocs were just special to me since they featured his popular brand. Each collaboration is still the same shoe, made the same as the typical Crocs. The only difference really being is the accessories.
Compared to my other crocs it is similar, but since it is under Bieber’s name the hype could be justified. Along with the rest of the collaborations with other artists.
Overall, the shoe is perfect and different, so I do give it a five out of five stars.