Is Huckleberry good or not?


“Who’s your huckleberry?” It’s something that the restaurant is known for. It is a saying that they say and want the customers to see.

Joselyn Green, Reporter

A new restaurant has opened in Bakersfield, Ca. The restaurant is called Huckleberry, located on 2673 Mt Vernon Ave.
Huckleberry is a place that I have never heard of and knew about. It is a lunch and breakfast place sort of relatable to Denny’s in that specific way.
When you see the building, it looks very nice and very clean. Going inside the restaurant was very comfortable and they had the front with chairs for people waiting to be seated or waiting to pick up their order.
I ordered my food over the phone and came in and picked it up. After paying for my food, a manager by the name of Larry brought my food to me. Larry was very kind and even showed me around the restaurant and showed me some cool places in there that I can take pictures of. So, I must say their customer service is very good.
The food itself was pretty good. For breakfast, I picked an omelet for $10.99. You can have the choice to create your omelet so that’s what I did.
For the omelet that I picked, I chose to put the cheese and two types of meat which were the sausage chicken, and bacon. This omelet tasted good.
The cheese was very melted and very sharp. The meat in the omelet was really good and was perfectly placed. The egg was very well cooked, not overcooked but also not undercooked.
I ordered the hand-breaded chicken tenders that come with fries and coleslaw for $11.99. The fries were good and soft, which they were well cooked through. The tenders were very crispy on the outside but very nice and firm but soft on the inside. The tenders were not like any regular chicken tenders that you’d get from restaurants. You can see that these tenders were breaded.
Besides the food, I did have one drink I ordered their iced Caramel macchiato for $4.29. So, the drink itself looks really good on the menu, but when you get it, it isn’t as good as it looks. For a regular coffee drinker, it would have been an ok drink. But for me it wasn’t a drink I would get again only because it needs a sweetener.
This restaurant was overall a good place. On top of the food is good, their prices aren’t too bad either. I do want to try more such as their stuffed French toast and beignets. I would recommend this place and I would most definitely go there again.