Review: Culichi Town is Bakersfield’s hottest new sushi and Mexican style restaurant

Culichi Town is a new Mexican style restaurant that had its grand opening this month and is located 2060 White Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93304. They currently have take out and no contact delivery options.

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Reporter

Bakersfield’s newest sushi and seafood place is called Culichi Town Mexican Style Food, is located at 2060 White Lane, Bakersfield, CA Compared to any other sushi restaurant in town, this is a must-stop for a fancy or just a regular Tuesday night dinner.
According to the official restaurant website, “Culichi Town is dedicated to the typical dishes of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico the place where seafood is the basic ingredient of the products that are consumed. In 2010 Misael Guerrero, the founder decided to prepare and sell sushi and seafood from the garage of his house in Fontana, CA and after 9 years there have been 14 restaurants that have opened in Southern California and many other states.”
This Mexican style food restaurant offers a variety of things on their menu from raw sushi. And Breaded fried sushi rolls. They also have many different types of fish or shrimp tacos and cocktails. They also have many options for those who are not big fans of sushi or seafood. Culichi’s menu also contains fajitas, hamburgers with fries, chicken wings, and also has a variety of options for vegans.
The “Guerrero Roll” is a must-have, the sushi is a breaded fried roll that contains beef, chicken, bacon, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, mozzarella cheese and is drizzled with cilantro with chipotle dressing sauce. For someone who does not eat red meat, they can modify it to meet the customer’s needs, so it only contains what you would like.
Culichi Town also serves Breakfast and Frappes. The reality is that this restaurant is kind of pricy with most of their signature sushi rolls priced at $15, their six-piece tray of shrimp empanadas at $18, and their sushi or seafood party platter that range from $35 to $40. It is safe to say that Culichi Town is considered a fancy restaurant, but most definitely worth every penny. Whether it be grabbing dinner for family and friends or getting takeout and eating from the comfort of your own home, Culichi Town will have you going back for more of the delicious food.
Although their building has tinted one-way see-through windows, do not let that fool you because this restaurant is open and operating with many ways of enjoying their food with no contact delivery and takeout options. Culichi Town offers Uber Eats and Door Dash and for the restaurants’ daily operating hours visit their official website.