Review: Wonder Woman 1984 proves we need more female hero stand-alone films

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Digital Editor

The release of “Wonder Woman 1984” had been delayed multiple times until the movie finally made its way to some theatres and became available on the HBO Max streaming service on Christmas Day. This movie could not have been released at a better time because when all odds are placed against Wonder Woman, she prevails, and when united, so can our nation.
Due to the pandemic, many movie theatres are shut down, so another option would be to subscribe to HBO Max, which costs about $15 per month. This is not a bad price considering most single movie theatre tickets run around the same, and with this streaming service, subscribers will have access to many of Warner Bro’s successful tv shows and films, but the film will only be available for one month.
Director Patty Jenkins takes us back in time to the vibrant 80s where we find Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) working in Washington D.C. She becomes friends with Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and meets Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) who is a businessman that manipulates people’s desires and wishes to get what he wants for himself. Soon after Minerva becomes The Cheetah, she teams up with Max Lord to protect him from Wonder Woman, who tries to stop them before they turn the world against each other. Since its release, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the “Wonder Woman 1984” plotline mostly because it seems very familiar to other plots from other famous major motion films.
“Wonder Woman 1984” is a high budget film with computer-generated imagery (CGI) used to create the iconic DC comic villain The Cheetah, and it is far more impressive than anything that has been seen in a film in a long time. The visuals and soundtrack for this film will get anyone to tear up and say “wow” because it is a fantastic film.
In addition to great visuals and music, the movie also features a well-known, star-studded cast and an incredible director. The cast includes Gal Gadot who portrays the title character and publicly said she almost retired from acting until the opportunity came to play this iconic hero. In her next role, Gadot will play another iconic character Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Chris Pine, best known for films like “Star Trek” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” plays Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor.
Wiig has certainly made a name for herself from working on tv with her “Saturday Night Live” sketches and films like “Bridesmaids,” she does an incredible job as the villain Cheetah. Pascal has gained much attention since getting booked on Netflix’s “Narcos” and Disney Plus’s “The Mandalorian,” who also does an outstanding job as the other villain Maxwell Lord.
“Wonder Woman 1984” director Patty Jenkins made headlines with her amazing job directing the “Wonder Woman” film; she will be joining another worldwide known franchise because she will be directing “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.”
The film “Wonder Woman 1984” proves we need more strong women in charge, it is visually stunning, but you can decide that for yourself.