Review: Renegade Fitness is a great option for a free workout

Alexis Delgadillo , Reporter

Bakersfield College created Renegade Fitness, a free zoom workout class hosted by Casey Babcock every weekday from noon to 1 p.m. Renegade Fitness’s schedule on the Bakersfield College website shows that they will run till the end of the semester. The classes are also available to watch at any time on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
Babcock does multiple beginner workouts from yoga to focusing on certain areas of your body such as your lower body or your arms. The workouts are generally longer than 30 minutes and can go up to 1 hour. They are usually hosted strictly by Babcock however he occasionally will bring in someone else to host the class.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many gyms have been closed since last year so Bakersfield College created Renegade Fitness for those who wanted to stay active from the safety of their home. The workouts don’t require any equipment which is perfect for people who are just getting started on their fitness journey or for those who relied on their gym’s equipment which is no longer accessible.
These classes are beginner workouts so someone more experienced won’t get much out of doing these workouts. For those who are beginners, Babcock will be there to talk you through every workout.
Although these classes are free and accessible to anyone with a computer, there are many workout videos posted on YouTube that you can search for based on what you like and your skill level. There are many workout YouTubers with fitness plans that have been accredited to have given many of the viewers the results that were promised. Whereas with Renegade Fitness, almost all of the videos they post on the social media sites have very few views let alone comments saying if any results have been attained.
You can find everything you could ever want in a workout on YouTube. You can pick a workout style that you enjoy such as pilates or dance workouts, you can choose the length of time the class is to fit your schedule, and you can pick who hosts the class based on what you like in a trainer, someone who is super motivational or maybe someone who will make you laugh the whole time. The YouTube world is your oyster.
Yes, Renegade Fitness is a great option because it’s free and doesn’t require any crazy equipment however in comparison to what YouTube has to offer, it’s not a competition.