Review: Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Saioa Laverty, Reporter

World famous, multi award winning, singer-singer writer, Taylor Swift released a re-recorded version of her second album “Fearless”. The re-recorded album, “Fearless (Taylor’s version)”, consisted of the thirteen songs from the “Fearless” album, along with the six songs from the “Fearless” deluxe albums, one single, and six more unreleased songs from “the vault”, consisting of twenty-six songs in total. The songs from “the vault” are songs that Swift wrote when she was fifteen that did not make the cut for “Fearless”.

Many might be questioning why she is re-recording songs she has already made, as she does not do much to change her re-recorded songs. Big fans of Swift are aware that her old record label technically has ownership of all of her old music, which she does not like. She decided to re-record her first six albums, “Taylor Swift”, “Fearless”, “Speak Now”, “Red”, “1989”, and “Reputation” because they were all done under her old management. She started the re-releasing with the Fearless album, and although there are many theories, it has not been confirmed which album will be released next.

The instrumentals and lyrics in Taylor’s version of her re-recorded, “Fearless” songs stays the same but one thing that did change is the sound of Taylor’s voice. Fearless was recorded when Taylor was only fifteen, and now she is thirty-one, so she sounds a bit older and more mature in the re-recording.

A majority of the buzz surrounding this new album, however, is not because of Taylor’s old songs, but the six unreleased songs from the vault. These six songs are “You All Over Me”, “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, “We Were Happy”, “That’s When”, “Don’t You”, and “Bye Bye Baby”. Both “You All Over Me” and “Mr. Perfectly” have stars next to them on Apple Music, indicating that they are some of the most popular/played songs on the album.

“You All Over Me” is a slower song that is about getting over a past relationship. In the song, Swift expresses how even after long periods of time and healing some people will always be with you no matter what. She sings “no amount of freedom gets you clean, I still got you all over me”. The lyrics in the song are very moving and deep, but the song sounds a lot like other songs on the “Fearless” album which is probably why it did not make the original cut.

The next song on the album from the vault is called “Mr. Perfectly Fine”. This is an upbeat song in which Swift pours her heart out about a love interest who has moved on without a care, and she is left to cope. She sings “It takes everything in me just to get up each day, but it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay”. This song stands out amongst the others from the vault. The concept and sounds is something completely unique from the others. The song is fun, upbeat, and relatable and definitely my own personal favorite from the re-release. 

The other songs in the re-release are all very beautiful songs that demonstrate Swift’s raw talent as a songwriter even at a young age. Most of the songs sounded similar to songs on the original “Fearless” album, but not quite as good which is probably why they were not on the original album. The fact that Swift is able to re-record one of her old albums and gain this much traction and popularity, is evidence that she is an extremely talented and successful musician. If you have not yet listened to this album, you are truly missing out.